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What is Integrative Mental Health?


Integrative Mental Health (IMH) is based on the understanding that each person’s mental wellness is influenced by a unique system of interrelated factors. In other words, positively changing our mental health requires looking at the biological, psychological, social and spiritual components of our life experience. This means that addressing other related health factors is a critical part of treating your mental health symptoms.


In addition to assessing your psychological make-up, I will ask about your: diet, sleep, supplements or medications, social life, work satisfaction, hobbies & interests, spirituality, substance use, physical environment etc. This is because of a fundamental understanding that positive changes in one area of life create changes in all of the others.


My integrative sessions combine traditional forms of talk-therapy with other complimentary practices and approaches to healing. Everything that you think, feel, do, and consume is part of your well-being and affects your energy. In addition to working with conscious thoughts and emotions, my goal is to help you uncover and release limiting beliefs, and modify lifestyle factors that cause mental and physical dis-ease. We need to look at all parts of our human experience and consciousness, especially the deeper parts that are not always as easy to see.


I strive to create a warm, open and non-judgmental space where you feel comfortable bringing your authentic self and all of your experiences to the table. I love what I do, and it is an honor to assist you in developing new insights and ways of being based in self-love, health, and your personal values.

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